【MR.BROTHERS】My new hair style at No.1 Barber shop in japan.日本一のBarberに行った結果…【ヘアカット】

Hi, this is Kyushu Towers from Japan!
First hair cut video in 2020, its really exciting.
I went to a barber shop which I had been interested in, MR. BROTHERS BUT CLUB !
I had been interested in fade-cut, how it would look like and how it would suit me, and finally I tried the new style at MR. BROTHERS.
And this new style is… awesome! I really like it. Even if I do not have time in a busy morning, my hair can be perfectly set up in a minute!
If you want to try your new hari style, and still thinking where and what hair style you would choose, check this video! It must be helpful…
YouTube Video Link