2020 Hair Trends Are All About Mastering the Classics

Phew!—2020 Hair Trends Are All About Mastering the Classics

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Complicated trends have never been my thing because I’m constantly curating a routine that requires the bare minimum, but delivers expert-looking results. So whenever an expert predicts a return to the basics, I’m relieved, to say the least. One, I just…can’t expend the effort when I would rather hit the snooze button and two, keeping things simple leaves room for my personal style to truly shine. And when it comes to 2020 hair trends, that’s exactly what celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend says will be more popular than ever in the New Year.

Personal Style

For starters, the trend is putting your own spin on whatever the industry deems popular in the first place. So if everyone’s obsessed with bobs, you find an angle, length, and color that works for you instead of asking your stylist to replicate the exact version you saw on someone else. In other words, do your own thing with confidence–we don’t all have to look the same!

“Take a trend like choppy layers,” says Townsend. “Women are talking with their stylists about getting the right layers for them based on their face shape, hair type, and texture.”



Townsend also says bangs will be huge in 2020 for all hair types, from bone straight to kinky and curly. The obvious good news is that there are so many different variations to choose from; fringe, curtain, side, and baby, to name a few.

The red carpet and Instagram are both great places to start gathering inspiration, but regardless of what you choose, leave the cutting to a pro like Townsend. “Talk to your stylist about which type of bangs will frame your face in the most flattering way,” he adds.



Lastly, full hair is on everyone’s wishlist and Townsend says “volume will never go out of style.” As of late, the crown of the head is where the most popular styles have required major lift. And when it comes to recreating the same effect on yourself, Townsend’s number one tip is two words: dry. shampoo.

Not only does it eliminate grease buildup in between washes; it also separates the strands, which in turn, makes it easier to create volume. With that being said, here are five top-rated formulas to try now before any of these trends really take off.


Dove Care Between Washes Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo

When Townsend is working with clients, he…

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