Fans Are Stunned by Kim Kardashian West’s Dramatic New Hair Color

Kim Kardashian West at an event in January 2020

Kim Kardashian West’s natural dark brown locks are a big part of her look, but she sometimes ditches her signature hairdo in favor of different styles. From long wigs to platinum silver bobs, blond short cuts to Fulani braids, she likes to switch things up from time to time and play around with her look. However, you’ve never seen a style like this.

Kardashian West recently changed her hair in a major way, debuting a never-seen-before look on social media. Her fans were quick to weigh in on the hairdo and had a lot to say.

Kim Kardashian West at an event in January 2020 | David Livingston/Getty Images

Take a look at Kim Kardashian West’s new hair color

On Feb. 10, Kardashian West took to her Instagram and Twitter pages to show off her dramatic new look. She posted a series of videos showing her with voluminous, honey-blond hair. The reality star noted that her sisters, Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian, had been planning on getting the same color but that she’d beat them to it.

“Do you guys like it,” she said in one video. “So, Kylie and Khloé thought they were gonna beat me to this hair color… I got ’em.”

Despite being beat to the punch, Khloé praised the look, tweeting, “That’s how you win lady!!!!!!”

Jenner, however, took another stance and hit back at her sister. Responding to the video, the Kylie Cosmetics star mused, “We know it’s a wig @kimkardashian.”

It’s not the first time Kardashian West has gone for a lighter shade of brown. She famously dyed her hair in 2009 and got some Jennifer Lopez-esque highlights added to it. But she’s seemingly never gone all out and had her hair color totally changed like this. That’s why it’s so surprising to fans.

Fans react to Kim Kardashian West’s new hair

Fans rushed online to share their thoughts on Kardashian West’s new look. The reactions ranged from admiration to hate.

One fan wrote on Twitter that she absolutely “love[d]” the look. “So simple and so stunning,” she wrote, while another added: “IM IN LOVE WITH THIS COLOR ON U.”

“Pretty!” commented another. “She looked like JLo when I first glanced. Make up is so awesome and changes a look completely.”

Some else teased, “Are you trying to kill us with too much beauty?”

Others were quick to let Kardashian West know they weren’t feeling it, with multiple people saying they didn’t “like” it.

Another remarked, “She think she’s…

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