Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles – Celebrity Hair, The Rachel

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles - Celebrity Hair, The Rachel

Name a hairstyle from the last 25 years that’s been quite as iconic as The Rachel – I’ll wait. Those choppy layers, that gravity-defying bounce, those delicious caramel highlights, Jennifer Aniston’s cult 90s cut became an icon in its own right, even picking up a loyal fan following that included Tyra Banks, Christina Aguilera and Meg Ryan (all of whom headed to their hairdressers for their own rendition of the style).

Giving Allure the backstory, her hairstylist Chris McMillan, who created the cut said, “her manager recommended that Jennifer come to the salon where I was working. I cut Jennifer’s hair for the Friends pilot, and the next thing I knew, the show was taking off, magazines were referring to my haircut as ‘The Rachel,’ and People [magazine] was calling me for an interview.”

But despite it’s fame, Jen’s admitted to having mixed feelings about the cut herself. “How do I say this? I think it was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen,” she confided in an interview with Allure. “I love Chris,” she noted, but “he’s the bane of my existence at the same time because he started that damn Rachel, which was not my best look.” The problem, she said, was that she had no idea how to style it. “It only lasted for about six months because it just was hard to do. I loved it, but I couldn’t style it on my own.”

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Even so, it’s undeniable that the style (alongside Jen herself) went on to become stratospheric. It remains an enduring pop culture reference and a symbol of the 90s.

Yet, countless styles later, Jennifer Aniston’s hair is still as coveted today, morphing from short and choppy to long and beautifully layered. Everyone still uses Aniston’s now chest-length hair as a reference point when looking for inspiration for their next cut. So what makes Jen’s hair so covetable? For starters, it’s glossy, silky and always perfectly clean. “She loves having her hair shampooed fresh and clean. She shampoos and conditions pretty much every day—if she’s going for the day-old-hair look, she prefers to create it using products,” Chris told ELLE.

As for styling,”she likes pretty, sexy hair,” Chris said. “‘Pretty’ to me is adding texture, and ‘sexy’ is undone-looking hair. If you look at her hair, it looks like it grew out of her head like that—it doesn’t look like a curling iron touched it. We never use curling…

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