Learning To Braid My Own Hair Isn’t Just About Beauty

Learning To Braid My Own Hair Isn't Just About Beauty

Although the natural hair movement has changed black women’s outlook in ways that are empowering, many of us are wildly unprepared for the long process of learning to manage our hair and the trial and error involved in taking care of it. For others like myself, especially those with kinkier hair types, the difficulty of detangling, sourcing products and sectioning and styling our hair can be immense. This is often why many women revert to chemically processed hair. I don’t criticise such choices; being natural is in no way a requirement for healthy hair maintenance and perming doesn’t necessarily mean you dislike your own texture. But when provided only with YouTube videos, developing the skills to style kinky afro hair can become overwhelming, often resulting in just as much frustration as we started with.
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