‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Glams It up With New Hairstyle

'Sister Wives' Star Christine Brown Glams It up With New Hairstyle

Sister Wives star Christine Brown recently took to Instagram to show off her beautiful new hairstyle, and fans are loving it. In a post, Brown debuted the glam look, revealing that she’s traded her straight locks for curly ones. In the mirror selfie posted to the social media site, Brown smiled wide while unveiling the new style for fans. In the post caption, she wrote, “It’s a good hair day!! Thanks Holly Hairdresser at Studio H & C Co. in Flagstaff!! She introduces herself like that! I joke! Holly Hairdresser!”

Fans are gushing over the new look, with one commenting, “So pretty! I wish I had curls like that.”

“Is that your real hair or is it extensions,” another fan asked, then adding, “what ever it is it looks gorgeous.”

“I wish I had blonde hair! Looks beautiful,” someone else commented, with a fourth fan offering, “Beauty ladie (sic) and beauty hair! Congratulacions (sic)!”

While many fans offered compliments on Brown’s eye-catching new hairstyle, some others leaned toward commenting on Sisters Wives.

“I miss seeing you guys [on TV],” one fan offered. “I have to admit when I first heard of it I thought wow that’s odd. How, why like really but as I watched it I learned a lot while something might not be for me why question it. I really love how you guys all work as a team.”

“I love the fact the kids have more then one mom they can count on,” the fans added. “You guys are a great example of a good family. Are you guys coming back to TV I got rid off cable but I might need to get it back if you do. Thanks for sharing your life with us and showing us a different side of things.”

“When are you guys coming back to tv! Just watched all your shows a second time. Miss my favorite family show,” another fan commented.

“Will your family be doing another season? I miss seeing you guys on my TV,” someone else wrote.

At this time, Sister Wives does not have an announced return date.


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