The ultimate guide to getting cool girl hair.

The ultimate guide to getting cool girl hair.

That’s why using a tong or a straightener to curl your hair is a great second-day-old style to get you through until you next wash it. You can create faux grit by using a texturising powder or, as mentioned above, a dry shampoo sprayed throughout the lengths of your hair to give it some structure.

2. Create tighter curls than the ones you want.

As many of the women who commented on Mia’s post can attest to, the tighter the curls, the longer they’ll last.

That means curling shorter sections of hair at a time, and if you’re using a curling wand, winding the hair more tightly around it (always away from the face, not towards it). Be sure to hold the hair around the hot tool for at least five to 10 seconds, too. Yes, you’ll look like an 80s beauty queen, but don’t worry because the curls won’t stay like that for long.

3. Don’t curl your hair all the way to the end.

When I interviewed Trinny Woodall for the You Beauty podcast, she said she never curls the ends of her hair because it looks “daggy”. Phoebe Burgess agreed, saying the “secret to a cool girl wave is definitely leaving ends straight.”

So, start your curls just above ear height and leave one to two inches straight at the bottom for a chic, modern look.

You can listen to Trinny’s full interview on her favourite skincare, makeup and hair products on the You Beauty podcast below. Post continues after audio.

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