What I Learned From Braiding My Own Black Natural Hair

Learning To Braid My Own Hair Isn't Just About Beauty

Years of ill-management and a lack of information encouraged me to see skills like braiding as achievable goals for long-term commitment to my hair. Even though I was natural, I rarely attempted the protective hairstyles worn by my favorite vloggers out of fear of failure. I started styling my hair into beautiful high buns and ponytails, laid-back chunky cornrows, and bouncy twist-outs to practice working with my natural texture. Although it didn’t always come out perfectly, it was a learning curve, and I began to discover more and more about my hair. Self-taught hairstylist Ene Nwafor, who offers one-to-one braiding classes as part of her brand HerLine HQ, seconds this. “I used to watch YouTube for hours to learn new skills,” she told me. “Lots of Black women get their information there as it’s such a great place to start if you don’t know much.”
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